2007-2008 Meeting Archives

September 18, 2007 - Pace Academy
Meeting Agenda:
Hello to everyone! Our first meeting is Tuesday, September 18th at Pace Academy. We hope you will plan to attend and will bring a friend. Please contact JoRay Van Vliet at jvanvliet@paceacademy.org to reserve your lunch.
The agenda is as follows:
  • Pace – Peoplestown Community Center Project - Technology as educational and community outreach.
Two years ago, Martha Assaf, wife of Pace's headmaster, initiated the Keeping Pace program to provide academic, fine arts, technology, and athletic opportunities for students from the Peoplestown Community Center Project during a four week period in the summer. At the luncheon, Martha explained the goals of the program and members of the Pace RoboKnights robotics team talked about their experiences and what they learned while helping the students design, build, and program robots. The robotics team gave the Peoplestown students a robotics kit and FLL challnege board and have offered to mentor them to start their own robotics team.
  • Technology & Best Teaching Practices – Connie White (Lakeview)

  • Lunch/Business Meeting
    • Membership Reconciliation
    • Book Orders
    • NECC Room Reservations
    • Conferences
    • Round Table Discussion
Emerging Technologies (new part of agenda highlighting one new trend) TeacherTube – Shelley Paul (Woodward)
external image pdf.png Teachertube.pdf TeacherTube Quick Reference
external image pdf.png zamzar.pdf Zamzar Quick Reference
  • Split into “Techie” group and “Teacher Group”
    • Techie Group – Student Information System Project – Jim Diez (Pace)
    • Teacher Group – Robotics Program (Mindstorms, lejos, RobotC, Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, FIRST LEGO League and FTC robotics competitions, free robotics classes at Georgia Tech for teachers, national standards)– JoRay VanVliet (Pace)
    • If you have particular questions about these robotics programs or if you have information about robotics you would like to present, please check the pacerobonotes.wetpaint.com wiki that has all the information from the presentation and more or email Jo Ray jvanvliet@paceacademy.org.

Tour of new facilities

E-mail from Barb Ericson of Georgia Tech about lending NXT Mindstorm and Pico Cricket kits!
Dear Teachers,
Just a reminder that we have 36 PicoCrickets and 24 LEGO NXT robot kits that we lend out to schools for up to 3 weeks at a time. You do need to leave a deposit, but if the kits are returned with the parts sorted, counted, and major parts are not missing, then we return the deposit.
See http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/ice-gt/500 for more information. Send e-mail to my assistant, Felicia Auzla, fauzla@cc.gatech.edu if you wish to borrow the kits.

In addition Kennesaw University and Columbus State both have robotic kits that they can lend out. Contact Dr. Solomon Negash snegash@kennesaw.edu and Dr Wayne Summers summers_wayne@colstate.edu to borrow these kits.

November 27, 2007 - Marist School

Meeting Agenda:

Our next AATE (Atlanta Area Technology Educator) meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 27th at 11:00 at Marist. I will be getting the final details to you next week. Please email Peggy Pullen at pullenp@marist.com if you are planning to attend. We are packing several applications/programs into the Techie and Teacher group sections to make this meeting worth your time.
Survey question: Do you currently purchase a subscription to the Galileo database at your school?

11:00 Welcome by Marist Academic Dean and Dean of Faculty - Mrs. Tricia Glidewell, Overview of Marist Technology Program

11:30 GISA and GaETC Highlights – please email Connie White if you are willing to share a 1minute summary of a worthwhile presentation.

11:45 AATE Business
  • Treasury Report
  • Staff Development Invite - Classroom Learning 2.0 - all AATE schools are invited to participate in this online course beginning in January 2008. Please email shelley.paul@woodward.edu if you are interested in participating. Each school will need a technology coach/cheerleader who is responsible for for facilitating the experience at his or her school. Shelley will send more info and requests for input as our adapted course site and plans progress.
  • Miscellaneous
12:00 Interactive Whiteboard Faceoff / Lunch
  • Promethean
  • Smart
  • Interwrite

1:00 Emerging Technologies
Open Source Software - please email Connie White if you have favorites or suggestions.

1:15 Split into 2 groups:
“Techie” group – Lee Conner from Woodward will lead an open discussion group. Come prepared to discuss topics of interest.
“Teacher” group – Adding pizazz to class; Cool tools: Photostory, Jigzone, Quizlet, Gliffy and Eclipse Crossword.

Tour of new facilities

February 5, 2008 - Lovett

Our next AATE (Atlanta Area Technology Educator) meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 5th at 11:00 at Lovett. Please email Greg Hamrick at gregh@lovett.org if you are planning to attend. The meeting will be in the Faculty Dining room located in the Administrative building. The address to Lovett is 4075 Paces Ferry Road, N.W. Atlanta, GA 30327-3099.

Meeting Agenda:

11:00 Welcome by Lovett Headmaster, Overview of Lovett Technology Program – Jim Wingate

11:30 FETC Highlights

11:45 AATE Business

12:00 Faceoff -Document Cameras / Lunch
Elmo / Lumens / Aver Media

1:00 Emerging Technologies – Julia Osteen (Greater Atlanta Christian)
  • Twitter - microblogging; collaborative writing; resource sharing; professional networking
  • Jing - free flash-based screen capture and video capture tool for creating tech tutorials.

1:15 Split into 3 groups:
  • Group 1 - “Techie” group – Kyle Johnson (St. Pius X) & Brian Meeks (Paideia) will lead this group. Emerging wireless technology 802.11n including standards and applications. (Brian)
  • Group 2 - “Teacher” group – Voice thread/wiki middle school project and 4th Grade Laptop Program - Lovett
  • Group 3 – “Admin group - E-Rate essentials – Kathy Bailey (Piadeia) Instructions, timelines, and the new guidelines for the required tech plans will be shared.

1:45 Tour of new facilities – must be out by 2:15

April 29, 2008 - Holy Innocents

11:00 - Welcome by HIES Head of School – Kirk Duncan
11:10 - Review of HIES Technology/Laptop Program – Susie Ross/HIES
Implemented laptops in grades 5, 8, 10. All students in grades 5 -12 will have laptops next year.
98% positive feedback from students
87% positive feedback from teachers
92% positive feedback from parents

11:20 - AATE Business
  • Treasury Report - We ended the year with over $1500 in the treasury. ISTE dues were paid for the year.
Send dues to Carol Horner. Memberships are $15 a year. Checks should be made payable to AATE. Membership in AATE allows you a deduction on your ISTE dues. Be sure to check that you are a member of the ISTE Affiliate group - AATE
  • Staff Development Invites
Paideia - June 6, 2008 - Interactive White Board Lesson Plan sharing day. Contact Kathy Bailey
"23 Things" - Web 2.0 Tools - next class starting May 19th - please visit the site to register.
Summer Technology Institute - Lakeview Academy - July 24-25 and July 28-29 - Contact Connie White
  • Micellaneous

11:40 - Internet Safety esafe Georgia - Available resources/programs by Project Safe Childhood (US Attorney’s Office, GBI, and Juvenile Justice Fund) and CSI (GBI and Georgia Tech) – several representative are planning to attend.

12:00 - Faceoff Laptops for less/ Lunch

1:15 - 2:15
  • Group 1 - “Techie” group – Brent Willliams from Kennesaw will share “Hot Technology Concerns for 21st Century Schools”.
    Brent will share the latest in wireless networks and security for schools, as well as topics related to general networking and security, computer forensics, and more.

    Group 2 - “Teacher/Admin” group – Laptop One-to-One Programs
  • Technology Integration/laptop program – Susie Ross/HIES

    Flip Video Cameras - by pure digital
    Buy the 60 minute camera - $120 - plugs directly into the computer using USB. Uses AA batteries.

    Voice Thread has an educational version - http://ed.voicethread.com/pricing/k12/
  • Method/cost of pilot laptop programs – Steve Vettesse/HIES

  • HIES Middle School classrooms/Media Center tour– Gary Klingman/HIES