10:00 - Optional Tour of Paideia

11:00 - Kickoff – Welcome/Overview of Paideia Technology; Kathy Bailey

Paideia Technology Scope and Sequence
Paideai Technology Curriculum

11:15 - General Session - Whirlwind Tour of K-12 Robotics
With STEM being a national imperative, robotics programs are sprouting up or expanding in many K-12 schools. We’ll hear from Jeff Rosen of Georgia Tech's CEISMC (Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing) and state director of the FIRST Lego League program for Middle Schools, and get an overview of several robotics programs and competition options for Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools; Kirsty Nawrocka (Paideia), Nicole St. Amand (WoodwardAcademy), Mike Callinan (Athens Academy), David Fergemann (Paideia).

*K-12 outreach for GT
* STEM Teacher PD
* FIRST Robotics, VEX Robotics, BEST robotics

Teacher Offerings:
* GIFT-Industry summer internships for teachers
* Contracted teacher PD
* ePDN-Online Teacher PD through NASA (free)

Student Offerings:
* Summer Programs 6-12
* KIDS Club - Saturday activities

Current Research
* SLIDER NSF Science Learning: Integrating Design Engineering and Robotics
* GA RTTT- 8th grade Integrated DTEM course

Private Schools Robotics:

Kirsty Nawrocka -Paideia
Lower School Robotics K-5

Nicole St. Amanda (Woodward)
K-3 WeDo Lego Robotics
* Cross curricular: Literacy and writing skills, video production, recreate and act out, research
* Work with Science teacher for building and understanding of how the Lego engine and sensors work

FLL-FIRST Lego League
* Middle School Robotics
For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology
* 9-14 years
* Teams up to 10 students
* Cost: Startup $1000.00
* Successive years: $400.00



David Fergemann (Paideia)
VEX Robotics Competition
MS, HA, College
* Cost: Startup $1000.00
* Successive years: $500.00
* Teams= 2-10
* Year-Round Competitions
* Autonomous mode/driver control



12:20 - Lunch

1:00 - AATE Business & Door Prizes

1:10 - Breakout sessions:

Paideia iPad Pilot (Paideia Teachers)
During the 2011-12 school year, Paideia is piloting 125 iPads in a variety of configurations for students and teachers in K-12. During this session, teachers and students will share their experiences as participants in the pilot program. Highlights include: A kindergarten teacher will describe using the iPad to create portfolios of each student's work and progress. A junior high teacher will describe the transformation of her curriculum and student learning when her class went 1:1 with iPads.Two students, one from the junior high and one from the high school, will share their experiences having an iPad 24/7.
Paideia School iPad Pilot:
Paideia Apps.xlsx
Teacher blog: __
Student blog: __
Student App review: __
iPad training handout:
Helpful Links:

Kindergarten Teacher's Comments about using iPads at Paideia:
* Touch is intuitive for kids
* SmartyPants School apps (Language Arts)
* iMovie-using for Language Arts
* Bento App-Database that allows for text, video, music, kids handwriting, etc.
* Parent conferences are great because parents can see/hear their child's work

Junior High Teachers' Comments about using iPads at Paideia for Language Arts classes:
* All students have iPads
* Implemented efficient practices in classroom management
* Environmental impact-no paper
* Online textbooks and other online resources are being used
* Online textbooks updated immediately (ie-Ghadafi death)
* No more heavy backpacks
* Iresponse - tests online
* istudy - online schedule/to-do
* penultimate-notetaking app
* Sync all iPads to teacher computer so teacher is in charge
* Goodreader - online tests

Student Comments about having iPads for their classes at Paideia:
* Notarize-notes on anything; good for making notes AND recording the teacher's lecture on a PowerPoint
* Dictionary-text and audio for vocabulary in Language Arts
* WolframAlpha-math, science, etc
* Pages-taking notes in all classes in one long document
* Flashcardlet- all classes
* Quizlet-quizzes
* News - current events for SS
* Complete Class Organizer app (schedule, homework, assignments, notes, PDFs, etc)
*Bamboo pack app-class notebooks

Mobile Device Control (Brian Meeks, Paideia)
There has been an explosion of mobile computing in the last few years that is expanding into our classrooms. How do we control these devices? Paideia is using a Sophos solution. We will have a demonstration of the software that works for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Other suggested solutions are welcome. In addition, we will also be taking a look at Securus by SlateXP. This software is designed to monitor computers for malicious activity and will report the activity with screen shots, username, and offence severity.

K-12 Robotics Panel/Follow-up (Presenters from General Session)
Q & A and discussion for those interested in learning more about K-12 robotics, starting a program or participating in competitions (including FLL, VEX, FTC and FRC).