AATE Mtg––Nov9th,2010 - Marist

11:00 – Greetings from Marist
Overview of Marist Technology (Peggy Pullen)

11:15 – Cathleen Richardson – CIO, Cre8tiv Educational Services; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) www.podstemic.com
A pioneer educational technology specialist for over 15 years, Cathleen works closely with classroom teachers, principals, and district administrators
providing professional development on best practices and ways to integrate cutting-edge technology to improve teaching and learning.

12:00 - Lunch
· Business (Financials, New Professional Development Requirements from SACS and GADOE)
· Technology Smackdown
· EPSON PowerLite Projector Demo

1:00 - Breakout Sessions
1. “There’s an App for that” – bring your iPod, iPad, iPhone and share your favorite app for learning, organization, and productivity
2. Looking to the Future (next 3-5 years)- Kathy Bailey (Paideia) Roundtable
      • Create the Technology Plan to tie in with the school's Mission Statement
        • MUST provide the best access for students
        • White pages to administrators about programs = business model
        • Presentation to Board of Directors:
          • Focus on the learner and the benefits to the learner
          • Have costs listed
          • Discuss how 1-1 frees up classrooms, eliminates backpacks
        • Teacher buy-in:
          • Provide good professional development
          • Celebrate failures/attempts as well as successes
          • Have modeling of successful teachers; use teams
          • Show the teachers good resources
          • Have them create their own materials
          • Provide front-end time (summer?) for teachers to create their materials
          • Do pilot programs with willing teachers
            • Have teachers provide info on why they want to use that technology
            • Have a department help each other
            • Provide info to Dept Head (and not cherry pick w/individual teachers)
            • GADOE Instructional Technology Initiative = NETS standards; lesson plans

3. Tech in the Classroom at Marist (Marist Teachers)
4. Under the Hood" at Marist (Chris Staples, Marist)