Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
Woodward Academy

11:00 - Welcome - F. Stuart Gulley, Ph.D., President –
· Currently creating a 10-year strategic plan of which Technology is a big part.
· Woodward is the largest independent school in the 48 contiguous states

Woodward Academy Technology Overview – Lee Conner – Woodward Technology Director
· 2nd MAC lab just opened; now Woodward is 50/50 MAC/PCs
· Content management website in Silverpoint
· Intranet in Sharepoint
· Office 7 installed; training on-going
· Athletics complex open Jan 2010; wireless & AV
· Trimming costs while meeting needs:
o Student GMAIL; open source filter/archive
o Open source imaging system
o Free Think Client OS in MS
o Video streaming solution
o 23K12Learning Web 2.0 course hosted by Woodward/Shelley Paul
o Opened computer lab in sister school in Africa
o Employee went to PitWater House in Australia

11:15 - AATE Business
Introduction of officers
Connie White – President; Lakeview Academy
Amy Marler – Secretary; Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School
Jason Coterez –Member at Large; Blessed Trinity
Carol Horner -Treasurer; Wesleyan
Peggy Pullen – Past President; Marist
Terry Decker – Member at Large; Westminster
Shelley Paul – Member at Large; Woodward
Kathy Bailey – Member at Large; Paideia

Dues, distribution and wiki
· Dues are $20.00; guests pay $10.00 for lunch
· AATE Wiki is at http://aategroup.wikispaces.com/
o Contains numerous resources for sharing (see list on left-hand side)
o Amy Marler is the contact for the AATE website for 2009-2010.

· GaETC (Nov 4-6, 2009) - Atlanta
· GISA (Nov 2nd, 2009) – Darlington School/Rome, GA
· EduCon (http://educon21.wikispaces.com/) Jan 29-31, 2010 Philly, PA
· Tech Fair for Private/Homeschool Students = looking for interested school(s) to host
· Classroom 2.0 = look for email from AATE officers

NETS-A Standards presented by Terry Decker (Director of Technology-Westminster)
· Focus on new NETS for Students/Teachers/Administrators is “process driven.”
· Standards available at http://www.iste.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=NETS.
· No longer will specific projects be listed (i.e.-Create/save a spreadsheet).
· Refreshed ISTE NETS for Administrators include:
o Visionary Leadership
o Digital-Age Learning Culture
o Excellent in Professional Practice
o Systematic Improvement
o Digital Citizenship

11:20 - Networking Ice Breaker - Please bring 10 business cards.
· http://prezi.com/3qsvt9giaefu/ - Presentation on various technology concepts.
· Technology gifts (Books, Software, LCD Projectors) were given via a drawing.

11:40 - Highlights from Google Teacher Academy - Nneka Robinson
· Create 1 min video about classroom motivation
· 10-12 hours of Training on Google Applications:
o **Google Teacher Academy Resource Page**
o **Google for Educators**
o **Google Similar images -** Allows searching for images using pictures rather than words
o **Google Squared-** Search tool that builds a collection of facts from the web.
o **Google "Show Options"**- Timeline and Wonder Wheel
o **Google News Timeline** - "Web application that organizes information chronologically
o **Google Labs** - Latest ideas from the Google team.
o Include: Flu trends, Mars, In Quotes, CIty Tours, etc.
o **Google Blog**- Keep up to date with Google.
· Follow Google on Twitter - **http://twitter.com/google**

12:00 - Lunch/Faceoff - SMS/Emergency Management Systems
SMS Vendors
· http://www.schoolannouncement.com/

· http://www.simplifiedalerts.com/

http://www.highgroundsolutions.com/schoolcast.html (SchoolCast Rapid Notification System, Birmingham, AL,
Contact Mr. Bob Phillips, Area Mgr., bphillips@observersupply.com, 800-783-2962)

1:00 - Great Websites - Shelley Paul
Quietube - http://quietube.com/
"Magically" remove everything except the video from any YouTube page. Share the URL on a web page or via email.
Today's Meet - http://todaysmeet.com/
Create an instant "backchannel" or chat room to capture real-time discussions and feedback. Share the URL with users. (Ex: Beta Baby)
TuxPi - http://www.tuxpi.com/
Cool photo effects, including postage stamp, wanted poster and polaroid effect. (Thanks, Nneka).
Spell with Flickr - http://metaatem.net/words/
Create "ransom note"-style words using Creative Commons-licensed photos from the Flickr One Letter pool.
LIFE Photo Archive - http://images.google.com/hosted/life
"Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of LIFE and Google."
Many Eyes - http://manyeyes.alphaworks.ibm.com/manyeyes/
"Many Eyes is a bet on the power of human visual intelligence to find patterns." Upload a data set (or use and existing one) to create one of 18 types of interactive visualizations. Browse the gallery to explore existing visualizations. Wordle was developed as part of this powerful IBM-hosted project.

1:15 - Breakout Sessions
What's New with Google Docs? - Nneka
Robinson Nneka will share the "latest and greatest" features of Google Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations, with a special emphasis on Google Gadgets (flashcards, templates, word study, equations, etc.
Shoestring Technology Solutions - Andy Morris,
Woodward IT Dept Andy will present affordable and free alternatives for key processes and systems in schools, including FOG imaging, Unreal streaming media server, SSL Explorer remote desktop, Open-Audit inventory management, Scalix and Zimbra mail server/groupware, and virtualization options, such as VMware ESXi free server, Freenas/Openfiler ISCSI Targets and Virtualbox. **Resources listed here**.

Web 2.0 Integration at Woodward
Upper School WA teachers will highlight online projects
Scott Freed, US history projects:
Paula Gentry, AP Calculus Review Wiki

Tim Hamling, novel study blog for Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close:

Wikis and Blogs are “student created/driven/maintained by doing the following:
· Scribe the daily lesson(s) and upload to wiki/blog (text, media, etc.)
· Add multimedia in various places (podcasts, songs, slideshows, etc.)
· Upload information/calculations from calculators
· Use Web 2.0 apps (Vokis, podcasts, slideshare, Voicethread, Timetoast, Audacity, etc.)
· Create an alternative textbook
· Create an online scrapbook of the subject (i.e.-Photohistory Tour of a city in History)
· Summarize a fiction book by chapter (especially for modern fiction w/no Cliff Notes)
o Summarize
o Important Quotes
o Create/answer Study Questions
o Write/upload songs/poems
o Investigate items w/which they are unfamiliar (a person they don’t know)
o Blogs about connections w/historical event or novel w/the student’s life
o Grading: contributions, quality, creativity, meeting deadlines

"Thanks, I Needed That!" Web 2.0 Tools for Getting Things Done
Shelley Paul reviewed a collection of free, helpful web-based tools for tasks such as data collection and organization, file conversion, PDF printing, photo editing, online file storage and sharing, collaborative list making, URL shortening, research and more. **Resources listed here**.