Recommended Open Source (Free) Software

(Please include a brief description of the program in ABC order and, if possible, how/why you are using it).

  • Alice – awesome object oriented programming language
  • ArtRage - paint program
  • Audacity - Sound recorder and editor that exports to mp3 for podcasting.
  • Avast - - free home anti-virus software.
  • Blender - – 3d modeling and animation program.
  • Celestia - is like “Google Earth” for the solar system.
  • CMap – concept mapping program like Inspiration
  • CutePDF - free PDF converter
  • Eclipse Crossword - / - Create an interactive crossword puzzle and publish to the web or played in a browser.
  • Firefox - web browser
  • FreeMind - – like a free version of “Inspiration”
  • GIMP – the GNU Image Manipulation Program, like a fully-featured but free version of Photoshop.
  • GnuPlot - great graphing tool, anything from simple equations to complex 3d topographies
  • Graph - graph plotting software
  • Inkscape - like a free version of Adobe Illustrator.
  • Irfanview – Easy to use image editor and batch image conversion tool.
  • JAlbum – build a digital album
  • K9 Web Protection – Free home internet filter to all of our families
  • MathTrax – equation plotter, sound component, even does polar equations
  • Molecular toolkit – manipulate nucleic acid and protein sequence data.
  • Monkey Jam – an animation program
  • Moodle – classroom management system
  • Movie Maker II – Windows video editing program
  • Nvu - A good (free) web editing program
  • OpenOffice - Free version of Microsoft Office, with support of MS Office documents
  • Openaudit - Open source network inventory tool
  • PDF Creator - Free PDF creator
  • Phet – science simulations
  • Photostory- Create and share multimedia stories effectively and easily. Photostory_Quick_Reference
  • Picasa – photo organizer,free editing and posting
  • Scratch – programming language
  • Sketchup (Google) – build, view and edit 3D models
  • Stellarium () – ike having a planetarium on your computer.
  • Thunderbird - e-mail reader
  • Turbo Cash – open source personal finance software
  • Tux Paint - a free paint program for very young kids (3 years old and up)
  • Tux Typing - a cute free typing program for elementary school kids
  • Wink – Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software

Open Source Alternatives