2008-2009 Meeting Archives

· September 16, 2008 at Westminster

1) Meeting was opened by Dr. William Clarkson, Headmaster of the Westminster Schools.

2) Terry Decker gave remarks about Westminster’s campus and technology program. To summarize:
Westminster’s campus compromises 180 acres with 10 mail academic buildings.
The campus is completely IP based, with phone, data, and video running over the school network.
Westminster has campus wide wireless coverage supported by over 180 access points.
Westminster has over 1200 computers with 7 general purpose fixed labs, 5 mobile laptop/tablet labs, and 5 specialty labs (3 midi, language, multimedia)
All faculty have Toshiba Portege M700 Tablet computers
Classrooms have Smartboards, digital projectors, sound system, VCR/DVD Player, Tablet dock, printer, and LCD Monitor.
The school is also a SMART Showcase school.
In the high school there are 3 primary computer classes: AP computer science, Multimedia Design, and Creative programming (using Alice and Robotics)
Westminster Technology group consists of both the Academic and Administrative support group under one director.

3) AATE Business
- Connie White gave an update as to purpose of the AATE group and asked new member/visitors to stand and be recognized. This was the largest group yet (86 in attendance).
Carol Horner gave the Treasurer report as well as proposed increasing the amount of money given to host schools from $100 to $200 in appreciation of the amount of work required to host the group.
Staff Development: The following upcoming events were brought up as for possible professional development ideas:

  • FETC : January 21-24. Information can be found at: www.fetc.org
  • NECC: June 28 – July 1. Go to www.iste.org/necc for more information
  • Summer Technology institute @ Lakeview Academy contact Connie White for more information
  • Woodward is developing an online course and is in the processes of obtaining PLU credit for those who attend.

4) Faculty Assessment. The new NETS for Teachers. -Terry Decker presented the new NETS-T standards that were released by ISTE this year. He covered what the state is doing in response to the new standards and how best to implement them within your school.

5) Lunch / Comparison of Tech Literacy Assessment Programs
- Connie White led the discussion about some of the different assessment programs available as well as the Georgia Technology Literacy Assessment Toolkit. The group looked at information from TechYes, and Learning.com.

6) Group Breakout Sessions
Group 1 – Admin Group – Streaming Audio and Video
Terry Decker showed how Westminster is using video streaming to push live programming to every classroom. Westminster uses the following to accomplish this:
§ Satellite service is being provided free of charge from DIRECTV goes to school program.
§ The satellite signal is brought into VBrick MPEG encoders, which send the signal over the campus network.
§ The classrooms go to a web page to view content. Only a plug-in is required. This eliminated the need to televisions or cables to be run in the classrooms.
§ Daily announcements can be views according to a set schedule. To allow scheduling a scheduling server is required

Live Audio broadcast of Westminster Football games (www.wildcatsradio.net). Terry described how Westminster is able to have live broadcasts of athletic events via telephone. The equipment / services being used include:
§ AllInBroadcasting is the company that hosts the games. They provide archived storage.
§ Flipjack mixer is used to connect announcers and send signal over telephone.

Group 2 – Teacher Group: Four Westminster faculty discussed how they use technology in their classroom.

· Looked at class wikis
o http://meyertkam.wikispaces.com/
o http://iamoneofyouforever.wikispaces.com/
o http://kublerreading.wikispaces.com/
· Looked at the use of Moodle
· Google Lit Tours

Group 3 – Graphing Calculator: Jill Gough let a group of teachers to her classroom to discuss the latest features and best practices on using the TI NSpire calculator in a High School and Middle School classroom.

Group 4 – Techie Group: Michael Canup (Network Manager) took his group to the technology offices to include the new data center. He went over the Westminster network design and management tools currently being used. He also discussed the virtualization of some of the service being offered by the school

7) Tour of facilities
Pete Davenport and Terry Decker led two groups on a tour of the new Junior High School and included the technology data center.

November 18, 2008: Paideia

Agenda for November 18th Meeting
10:30 - Tour (optional)

11:00 - Welcome and Review of The Paideia School Technology Program – Kathy Bailey
11:15 - AATE Business
11:30 - Mini-Lessons on Emerging Technologies
· You Think You Know YouTube - You Think You Know YouTube.pdf
· Cell Phones as a Learning Tool ·
Cheap and Cool Technology Under $100 (Bring your favorites to share with the group)
· Must-Have Websites

12:15 - Lunch / Website Hosting Companies – How Do They Compare?
· FinalSite – Joe Moser – President
· Silverpoint – Angelo Otterbein - President
· Whipple Hill – Travis Warren President

Finalsite Webinars: (before event)
Experience Finalsite first-hand, before AATE
(after event) Finalsite follow-up after AATE. Question Answered.
Product and Service Guide
Design Portfolio

1:15 – 2:00 - Split into groups:
· Group 1 - Admin Group – Budget Saving Tips (Share and learn about the best saving tips)
· Group 2 – Teacher Group – Classroom Integration Examples – Several teachers will share fabulous classroom integration examples.
· Group 3 – Techie Group –Paideia’s Network and Management Tools

February 17, 2009 at Blessed Trinity

11:00 Welcome and Review of Blessed Trinity Technology Program - Jason Podhorez

11:10 AATE Business
  • New Members
  • Staff Development Invite
  • Miscellaneous

11:15 ICOT – ISTE’s Classroom Observation Tool –
Traci Redish Ph.D. - Director, Educational Technology Center (ETC) Associate Professor, Educational Leadership Kennesaw State University
Traci will share how this FREE online tool can help educators measure key indicators of technology

12:00 Lunch /Vendor Faceoff

Student Response Systems

  • Promethean – Active Expression, Activote – Doug Knowles - Promethean Senior Area manager & Kylee Moose - Promethean teaching & Learning Consultant
  • Smart – Senteo, Smartroom – Paul Thuneman – Area Manager Georgia & South Carolina
  • Turning Point – Gerry Bean – Regional Sales Manager

1:00 Great Websites – Please bring your favorite site to share. Email Connie White at connie.white@lakeviewacademy.com if you are willing to participate in this portion of the agenda. We would love to get more of you involved.

1:15 Split into groups:

  • Group 1 – Georgia Virtual School – Kelly Pierce from Georgia Virtual School will share valuable information about setting up online courses in your school.
  • Group 2 – How do you handle…difficult decisions (parents posting to YouTube, email for primary grades, faculty Facebook postings, bring your issue…)
  • Group 3 – Techie Group – Blessed Trinity’s Favorite Network and Management Tools

April 21, 2009 at Greater Atlanta Christian

Please paste notes here.

Cool Web Sites (Presented by Kyle Johnson from St. Pius X)
Open Sourced Software: http://sourceforge.net
Find Open Source Alternatives: http://www.osalt.com/
Alternatives to iPod site: www.anythingbutipod.com
Free Photo Editing and Hosting: http://picasaweb.google.com/
Customized Internet Radio: http://www.pandora.com/
Online Music - http://listen.grooveshark.com/
The "Wayback Machine": archive.org
All Things Digital (WSJ) :www.allthingsd.com
Many Tech Reviews: http://www.engadget.com/
How To Guides, Software Reviews, Etc. :http://www.makeuseof.com/
Comic strip generator that lets you create comic strips online: http://makebeliefscomix.com/