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11:00 - WELCOME & OVERVIEW OF TECH AT TRINITY Stephen Kennedy, Head of School, Jeff Morrison, Director of Technology, Marsha Harris, Lead Instructional Technologist

Lessons on School Innovation and Change (Highlights from EdJourney)
Educational leaders across the country have recognized that a rapidly changing world demands a fundamentally different approach to learning in our schools. Based on my visits with more than 60 schools, brushfires of innovation are burning brightly at many, if not most, of our schools. These best practices of pedagogical innovation create a vastly more fluid, dynamic, even messier learning experience than in the past. Schools are moving outside their walls, both physically and virtually, to access learning partnerships wherever they might occur. Schools are leveraging the latest in brain research and implementing differentiated instruction at dramatic new levels of effectiveness. These changes require that schools become increasingly comfortable with a constant pace of change and restructure their organizations to embrace risk, failure, and interscholastic connectivity.

About Grant Lichtman For almost 15 years, Grant Lichtman has been involved with independent school education, as trustee, chief of finance and operations, teacher, parent, and volunteer at Francis Parker School in San Diego, one of the largest independent schools in the United States. Over 1.5 decades of remarkable transformation at the school, Grant has been directly responsible for, or intimately involved in, strategic planning, program design, campus planning and redevelopment, global education, advancement, marketing, educational technology, admissions and financial aid, benchmarking and trend analyses, and risk management. Parker won the NAIS annual award for Financial Sustainability. Grant is the author of “The Falconer: What We Wish We Had Learned in School” based on his seminar in strategic and creational thinking. He has consulted on 21st Century curriculum development, written, and given talks to educational and
industry groups, and taught a version of The Falconer to West Point cadets. Each year he leads a 2-week trip in experiential immersion for students to the Philippines where the goal is to understand and experience the fact that 4 billion people in the world live on less than $2 a day. He recently completed a 10,000 mile trip around the country visiting 64 schools to learn about how they are innovating to meet the needs of the 21st Century, and is writing a book on his findings.

Here are a few recommended reads/views to contextualize Grant’s presentation. Grant will speak for about 20 minutes, then open the floor to our questions.
TEDx Denver Teachers PDS Memphis
Examples of Technology in the Classroom
Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School: On the Front Lines of Our Learning
Future Hawken: Time and Place Lead Passion

AATE Meeting - April 16, 2013 12:10 - LUNCH & BUSINESS MEETING
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A) Leadership / Future of Ed (Shelley Paul, Woodward Academy and Connie White, Lakeview Academy) Charting a Course for Online Learning Blended learning, hybrid learning, fully online, synchronous, asynchronous... What is the best online learning approach for your school? Shelley and Connie will share some background/highlights from the SAIS/OSG certificate course that is helping several school teams create a vision and plan for online learning at their schools. We will engage in a “Champions & Skeptics” activity to begin considering challenges and opportunities at our own schools.

B) Tech/Operations (Jeff Morrison, Trinity School) Cloud backup, disaster recovery, asset management and inventory discussion.

C) Professional Development (Marsha Harris, Trinity School) A New Model for PD at Your School: It’s a Tool, Not a Topic! Learn how Trinity School is embedding teacher PD into the daily schedule, through the use of technology for instruction and modeling of technology-supported learning throughout the school day. We will also explore the different levels of integration and where our (example) lessons fall in the Technology integration Matrix (TiM). Come prepared to share and generate ideas for modeling the effective use of technology as a tool, not a topic for teacher PD!

D) Classroom Application (Rhonda Mitchell, Trinity School) Amplify Student Learning with Electronic Portfolios Portfolios are vehicles to enhance student learning, expand teachers' ability to personalize learning, and deepen parent understanding of their children. Electronic portfolios make the process of capturing learning experiences attainable, sustainable, and transferable, creating a robust representation of learner reflection and growth over time. Learn how Trinity uses the digital archiving tool, Evernote, for student portfolios.