About AATE

AATE stands for Atlanta Area Technology Educators. The organization began more than twenty years ago with six members. Current membership is over 170 members with 90 to over 100 attending meetings. We were formally known as AACE, or Atlanta Area Computer Educators. The name changed in April, 1993 to better reflect what the members do since most of the members no longer work exclusively with computers but now work in many areas of technology.

The membership consists of technology teachers, classroom teachers, administrators from public and private schools, as well as a few consultants and a few vendors. We meet quarterly from 11-2 during the school year, typically in September, November, February and April. Each meeting is held at a different member school.

AATE members meet to network and share ideas. At the meetings, members share successes and failures as well as new ideas. Our meetings provide an opportunity for members to learn which tools and applications are really capturing students' attention and effectively supporting the desired curriculum. We also learn about new software and hardware, and those strange quirks that happen to computer equipment and how to solve the problems. We discuss as networking issues and staff development programs. Employment opportunities are posted on the AATE Web site. Sometimes members share problems with software, hardware, or vendors and another member who has had the same problem can share a solution. Sometimes a solution is not readily available but the members are now aware of the issue. Whenever there is a demand for a workshop to learn about new software, the members often network to find a qualified person to teach the workshop. At some meetings, vendors are invited to demonstrate new software and hardware.

Annual dues are $20 for each member. This fee covers a stipend for the hosting school, any necessary postage, expense reimbursements, stipend for the officers expenses, and covers AATE's membership dues in ISTE (International Society for Technology Educators, http://www.iste.org). AATE is the Georgia affiliate for ISTE.

NECC offers disounted rates to ISTE members. Just because you are an AATE member does not make you an ISTE member. AATE is the local organization. ISTE is an international organization. AATE is an affiliate group of ISTE. Anyone can join ISTE but if you are a member of one of its affiliate groups (like AATE), you get a discount on the membership fee for joining ISTE. Being a member of AATE only does not get you a discount on ISTE conferences and events.

For a number of years, AATE was a sponsor of the On-Line Microcomputer Conference that was held at Georgia State University.

At the present time, AATE serves as an organization to certify Technology Plans for the E-Rate program for Schools and Libraries Corporation. Kathy Bailey (bailey.kathy@paideiaschool.org) at the Paideia School is the chair of this area.